Sir Richard Branson embarks on mankind’s greatest diving challenge

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Diving specialists Poseidon will be the diving partner in Virgin Oceanic’s expedition into the five oceans’ deepest trenches. The Virgin Oceanic team will use Poseidon’s state-of-the-art breathing technology and other diving equipment.

Poseidon’s engineers may consult in developing the Virgin Oceanic Expedition’s primary breathing system, subject to receipt of all required regulatory approvals. The Swedish company’s fully automatic rebreather, the Poseidon Discovery, has been selected as back-up breathing system in the underwater vessel and as diving equipment for the Virgin Oceanic diving team.

Poseidon is currently pioneering a rapid advancement of breathing technology in the diving industry. It recently launched its fully automatic rebreather, the Poseidon Discovery, for sports divers. The Poseidon Discovery offers three times longer diving time than regular diving equipment, it is easier and safer to use and does not disturb marine life. It is the first rebreather ever to be approved for recreational diving courses.

“Diving to the five deepest trenches of our oceans will place huge demands on both pilots and equipment. Teaming up with Poseidon was therefore an easy choice for us. I understand that The Poseidon is not just the most advanced diving system around, it is also the safest and the least intrusive to marine life”, says Sir Richard Branson.

“We want to share our love for the oceans. This spectacular adventure will inspire divers, scientists and passionate people all over the world and will help us preserve this wonderful underwater world for coming generations”, says Poseidon’s CEO Stefan Fransson.

Virgin Oceanic
Virgin Oceanic was formed by the Virgin Group to act as a sponsor of and partner on the Five Dives Expedition. Chris Welsh, through his company Deep Sub LLC, owns and will operate the submarine. The expedition will require various regulatory approvals, including export licenses, which Deep Sub LLC will obtain.

About Poseidon
Since its inception in 1958, Poseidon has been recognized as a world leading manufacturer of diving regulators and other high quality diving products. With a quest to solve a range of diving related problems, the founder Ingvar Elfström presented several innovative products in Poseidon’s early years. With its recent launch of the fully automatic rebreather, the Poseidon Discovery, Poseidon has reclaimed its position as the most innovative diving goods manufacturer. For more information, please visit

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