TCS John Huxley launched new roulette technology center in Las Vegas

 TCS John Huxley launched its newest service solution at G2E Las Vegas, the Roulette Technology Center (RTC), a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to the full refinishing, rebuilding and testing of Roulette wheels.

Todd Cravens, TCS John Huxley’s CEO of the Americas said: Our service center allows operators the peace of mind in knowing that their wheel is always operating at peak efficiency.”

Accessible only by authorized personnel and regulators with scheduled appointments, the RTC is a highly secure facility. Skilled, factory-trained technicians, who are experienced in wheel maintenance best practices, ensure that wheel repairs and upgrades are conducted securely and to the highest of standards.

Whether a customer requires monthly or weekly wheel maintenance or they’re looking to upgrade or rebuild their existing wheels to match the level of TCS John Huxley’s latest product offerings, the RTC uses the most advanced materials and procedures to deliver.

Todd Cravens, TCS John Huxley’s CEO of the Americas said: “Roulette wheels are paramount to a casinos business. Strict regulations are in place regarding the manufacturing of the devices, however, when a wheel is delivered onto a casino floor, it’s possible for any number of staff to come into contact with it and unintentionally alter its performance. The Roulette Technology Center has been created with this in mind. Our service center allows operators the peace of mind in knowing that their wheel is always operating at peak efficiency – saving them time, money and unnecessary worry. We want to keep every customer fully operational and generating revenue.”

Services at the RTC include number and pocket repair, electronic repairs, part upgrades, wheel testing, evaluations and more. Through floor-to-ceiling glass walls, visitors to the facility can view the technicians as they work through the various stages of refinishing and testing. This illustrates to customers how each wheel part plays its role before the device is completed for return to the casino.

For complete visibility into wheel data and statistics, the RTC also leverages TCS John Huxley’s advanced GFL Optmization module, which is a part of the Gaming Floor Live platform. Drawing on detailed Wheel analysis reports concerning wheel integrity and performance, the RTC is able to provide customers with accurate wheel insight that can be used to improve the device and business.

All spin data downloaded from wheel is encrypted using AES Encrypted files – the same method of encryption used by the U.S. government – and is transferred to an encrypted repository, with limited access rights.

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