Tristan Sjöberg from TCS John Huxley about the importance of the ICE 2015 trade show


Article from InterGaming:

Tristan Sjoberg from TCS John Huxley speaks to Alan Campbell about the importance of the ICE 2015 trade show.

Tristan Sjoberg

ONE of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of live gaming solutions and services, TCS was established in 1973 and soon found success with its Chipper Champ chip sorting machine being introduced at London’s Palm Beach Casino. Maintaining an emphasis on leading-edge technology, the firm saw subsequent triumphs with its low-profile roulette wheels before being amalgamated with rival John Huxley in 2003 to create one of the world’s largest global casino supply companies.

Now boasting 11 offices around the world in addition to a workforce of over 300, TCS John Huxley will be at February’s International Casino Exhibition (ICE) 2015 in London to showcase its new Gaming Floor Live platform, which underpins its strategy of supplying products, solutions and support that drive and grow customers’ businesses through enabling technology innovations.

InterGaming sat down with Tristan Sjoberg, executive chairman, to discuss the last 12 months, the importance of ICE and what we can expect from the firm over the coming months.

InterGaming: TCS John Huxley seems to have been around almost as long as the industry itself and I am curious as to what you think are some of the main principles guiding this success?

Tristan Sjoberg: The company has always been at the forefront of innovation. From the early days when TCS and John Huxley were separate companies, the ethos was always on developing products and services that provided value while, more important, we have always believed in building relationships and partnerships with our customers, listening to their requirements and delivering solutions that grow their businesses and, ultimately, ours as well.

From humble beginnings, TCS John Huxley has grown up with the industry. The 1968 Gaming Act changed the face of gaming in the UK and the world. The new laws provided the highest levels of integrity for those granted licences to operate and work in casinos in the UK.

As the popularity of casinos and gaming grew worldwide, these gaming industry professionals moved further afield, opening up new markets around the globe. The TCS John Huxley products they knew and could trust were top of the list to purchase for these new venues and, as a result, the company grew as gaming expanded globally.

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