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A family-owned private equity company since 1963

Knutsson Holdings AB is a family owned holding company of the Knutsson Group of companies based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The Knutsson Group of companies invest in public and privately owned companies in various industries such as iGaming, Gaming, Co-working, Co-living, Health Care, Solar Cells, Diving equipment and Trotting.

Latest News

Knutsson Holdings invest in Berlin based Unicorn Workspaces

Unicorn Workspaces successfully closes Series A financing. The flexoffice provider raises a total of 15 million euros. The round is led by private equity firm Knutsson Holdings AB and Berlin-based venture capitalist WestTech Ventures. In addition to other venture capital funds, IBB Capital and MBG are also participating as investors. For the Swedish investor Knutsson, Unicorn is the first major investment in Germany. The group has already gained international experience with Flexoffice solutions. For example, the company holds stakes in the Swedish provider Convendum as well as several other assets in the real estate sector. “We firmly believe that our

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Knutsson Holdings investerar i Regily

Det svenska techbolaget Regily vill göra det enklare att registera sig på olika tjänster online. Bolaget har grundats av de två Klarna-veteranerna Kristoffer Cassel och Alexey Kuznetsov och nu plockar de in några riktiga tungviktare som ägare. När bolaget nu tar in 20 miljoner kronor i en nyemission finns bland

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Knutsson Holdings Ankarinvesterar i Rugvista

Rugvista är en europeisk aktör med en onlineplattform inom mattförsäljning direkt till konsument. Bolaget grundades 2005. Bolaget hade 2020 en nettoomsättning på 562 miljoner kronor med ett justerat rörelseresultat på 109 miljoner kronor, vilket motsvarar en justerad rörelsemarginal på 19 procent. Bolaget hade mellan 2018 till 2020 en genomsnittlig årlig

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Trailer about the documentary “Sebastian K. – the world’s fastest trotter ever”.

Convendum – a premium coworking space experience on top locations in Stockholm and Göteborg.