Another first for TouchTable MultiPLAY at G2E Asia

Since its launch 2 years ago, TouchTable MultiPLAY™ Roulette has been embraced by casinos across the globe. This hybrid game has achieved phenomenal success by combining the thrill of the traditional game incorporating a live dealer, with an electronic multi-player betting surface that can serve up to 21 player positions simultaneously.

The product range’s diversity is now further enhanced with the worldwide launch of TouchTable MultiPLAY Sic Bo at G2E Asia 2009. This new development is an extension of the live game of casino Sic Bo and incorporates the revolutionary worldwide patent pending Touch ID technology, which can identify players and their specific bets. All chip handling, calculation of winnings and payout functions are fully automated by the system, delivering total game security, reduced costs and substantially increased games played per hour.

For added security, TouchTable MultiPLAY Sic Bo incorporates the TCSJOHNHUXLEY Automatic Dice Recognition system (ADR), which automatically enters the outcome of the dice throw by utilising a miniature camera mounted inside the dice cover. The ADR System increases productivity by reducing incidents of dealer console entry errors and increases security by not having the dealer manually enter dice outcomes. It also removes any risk of dealer collusion with the additional security feature that only a pit boss can override the result after keying a security PIN code.

At G2E Asia TCSJOHNHUXLEY will showcase a 7-player configuration featuring a 56” Quad HD-LCD monitor touch screen table. However both Roulette and Sic Bo games will be demonstrated on a single table. By giving operators the ability to adjust the games so easily and at the flick of a switch, it is possible to maximise the different games depending on the time of day and the demand of players. When this option is placed on a double (14-player) table, there is the choice of playing two different games if required, whilst still utilising one dealer.

Tristan Sjöberg, TCSJOHNHUXLEY Managing Director Asia, comments, “MultiPLAY Roulette has been truly ground breaking offering operators fantastic returns wherever it has been placed. With the introduction of the ever-popular game of Sic Bo to the platform, followed later this year by Baccarat, we have produced a product that is extremely flexible and meets the needs of operators and players alike.”

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