2018 is a milestone year for TCSJOHNHUXLEY. Our family owned and operated company celebrates its 45th Anniversary as the premier manufacturer and supplier of live table gaming products and services. Leading the way in the industry for almost half a century is quite an achievement and we’re extremely proud to be celebrating this and our company’s heritage. With that in mind, we are inviting you to take a walk on the nostalgic side with us. Reminiscing over the coming months, not just about the history of TCSJOHNHXULEY but, forty-five years of the industry we all live, breath and love.

To kick things off we are inviting you to share your memories with us. From photographs of not to be forgotten John Huxley Casino Equipment and Technical Casino Services events to shots of past and present employees, the products which started it all and of course the trade shows which fill our calendars on a yearly basis.

For those who weren’t in the industry at the time or are too young to remember, let us share the history of TCSJOHNHUXLEY, pioneers of the gaming industry.

Where it all began

The journey began back with Alfred Lindsay, owner of furniture and engineering company, John Huxley. When Alfred’s son Jeff joined the business in the early 60’s, the company started to produce a few products for casinos, but it wasn’t until 1973 that John Huxley Casino Equipment Ltd was born and the company leapt into the casino market, producing hand crafted gaming tables and roulette wheels.

The Gaming Act of 1968 created a real boom which lead to rapid growth for the now casino focused business, in the 80’s and 90’s. Leading the way in this vibrant market, John Huxley became the first non-US company to be licenced to supply in Nevada and New Jersey.

Shaping the industry alongside John Huxley was Bertil Knutsson, who developed the revolutionary Chipper Champ, the world’s first automatic chip sorting machine. Many of you out there may remember the landmark unveiling of the Chipper Champ at the Palm Beach Casino, London back in 1979 and the unquestionable success the machine went on to have, shipping over 6,000 units worldwide.

In 1990 Bertil Knutsson created Technical Casino Services and continued to develop the now world famous Chipper Champ, with the introduction of the Chipper Champ Plus. Simultaneously John Huxley launched the revolutionary Mark IV Roulette Wheel which provided a new benchmark for the industry.

1997 brought with it the now iconic Saturn Roulette Wheel which included the addition of integrated reading technology, again cementing John Huxley’s place as pioneers within the gaming industry.

 The creation of TCSJOHNHUXLEY

With both John Huxley and Technical Casino Services dominating the live gaming sector with their innovative and skilfully crafted products a merge was a natural step. In 2003 Technical Casino Services acquired John Huxley and by doing so they created the world’s most comprehensive supplier of live gaming products and services, TCSJOHNHUXLEY.

Innovation continued to lead the way with new advances being brought to market including the revolutionary touchscreen electronic MultiPLAY table in 2007 and the Chipper Champ 2 in 2008, the world’s fastest and most reliable chipper.

The business continued to grow and evolve and 2012 heralded a new era for the company with Tristan Sjoberg taking over as Executive Chairman and his brother, Michael Knutsson as Director. Developing upon TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s foundations as industry pioneers, 2013 saw the opening of a dedicated innovation and development division, from which the world’s first and only real-time gaming table management system, Gaming Floor live was born. The revolutionary GFL platform was swiftly followed in 2016 by the launch of TCSJOHNHXULEY’s first in-house developed and produced, Electronic Gaming Terminal, Qorex.

The future

So there you have it, forty-five years of development, creativity and passion squeezed into a nutshell. So what comes next? Well, it’s impossible for any of us to predict the future, but we have never been happy to rest on our laurels, so we continue to research and develop exciting and innovative products that set new standards and improve our customers businesses by maximising revenue on the casino floor.