TCSJOHNHUXLEY launched the world’s first and only Roulette Technology Center (RTC) two years ago and since then, has delivered peace of mind and security for numerous operators globally.

With almost 50 years’ experience in manufacturing the most reliably random and secure wheels on the market, TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s state-of-the-art service solution is based in Las Vegas and dedicated to the full refinishing, rebuilding and testing of Roulette wheels. Since opening, the focus has been on developing unique technologies that ensure the integrity of every wheel that comes through the RTC. Also, being based in Las Vegas all service and support is local which has been a big bonus for Nevada operators.

Tristan Sjöberg, TCSJOHNHUXLEY Executive Chairman comments, ”The importance of keeping a roulette wheel in peak condition cannot be underestimated. A wheel is a Random Number Generator producing significant revenues for a casino especially when linked to multiple electronic gaming terminals. Roulette wheels do not stop working unlike other table gaming devices such as shufflers or dice shakers, but they can develop issues which left undetected and not checked by professionals, could have significant issues for a casino.”

The RTC provides a complete 360-degree assessment on every wheel, using patented technology. It’s not possible to easily detect if a wheel has developed a bias due to lack of maintenance, incorrect cleaning, or just general wear and tear which is why every wheel is checked using the patented Laser Measuring Device (LMD) technology before it leaves the facility. This unique testing system checks the consistency of a wheel using stringent parameters ensuring each wheel functions properly.

For complete visibility into wheel data and statistics, the RTC also leverages TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s advanced Gaming Floor Live platform. Drawing on detailed Wheel analysis reports concerning wheel integrity and performance, the RTC is able to provide customers with accurate wheel insight that can be used to improve the device and business.