Novo Multi Table Roulette

TCS JOHN HUXLEY announces the launch of Novo Multi Table Roulette at ICE 2005. The Multi Table option is an enhancement for new & existing Novo Live Touchbet Systems allowing players to select one of up to 3 different roulette wheels within the casino.


Novo Multi Table Roulette is the culmination of a two year research & development project with the single objective of setting a new quality benchmark in terminal based roulette systems. With the main focus being on giving the customer more choice and flexibility, the system particularly stands out from the crowd through the stunning quality of the live wheel image and the clarity of the player interface.


Once seated at the terminal, the player has an option to select which wheel to bet on, and can view the last 20 winning numbers, percentages of odd/even & red/black results as well a live video image of each wheel.


”This technology has been developed over a 2 year period to ensure that it not only exceeds operator & customer expectations, but also operates efficiently and robustly”, stated Simon Witty, Group Business Development Director for TCS JOHN HUXLEY.


Jens Halle, Managing Director of Austrian Gaming International GmbH, said ”This latest addition to our product line is a logical step towards enhancing player’s comfort and making the game even more life-like.”

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