Knutsson Holdings becomes a larger share holder in DRIFTER WORLD

Drifter World has closed a successful round and secured Knutsson Holdings as a significant shareholder. Knutsson Holdings is a renowned investor with a long-term investment horizon and invests across diverse sectors in companies with promising potential.

“We find Drifter World’s technology as the best and smoothest way forward for real estate owners and end users.This investment underscores our dedication to industries with promising growth prospects, with Drifter World leading the way,” stated Michael Knutsson, CEO and owner of Knutsson Holdings.

“Having Knutsson Holdings on board is great for Drifter. It sets us up perfectly to keep changing and improving the parking industry for everyone involved,” shared Michael Persson, Chairman and Co-founder of Drifter World.

For more information, please contact:
Michael Persson
Phone: +46 709 12 12 91, Email: 

Drifter World revolutionize parking management by using advanced technology, artificial intelligence, and smart sensors. Our AI-driven ecosystem offers seamless payment solutions, detects violations, optimizes parking spaces, and provides real-time occupancy and environmental data. Drifter World prioritize user experience, simplicity, and accessibility for both parking lot owners and drivers.