Habyt makes its market entry in Málaga with a game-changing hybrid building

Habyt makes its market entry in Málaga with a game-changing hybrid building
  • Fully operated by Habyt, the innovative building represents a new market entry for the flexible housing company, marking the expansion of its operations to Málaga.
  • With more than 15,500 sqm, the project will be a new development owned by Nuovit, featuring a total of 210 units in 1- and 2-bedroom apartments. The property will also include several lifestyle amenities such as two swimming pools, a gym, and co-working spaces.
  • Construction will begin in Q1 2024, with the opening expected by the end of 2025.

Málaga, Spain, January 26 2024: Habyt, the world’s leading flexible housing provider, is set to redefine modern living in Málaga with its latest project – Oceanika. Owned by the local developer Nuovit, the property will be operated by Habyt, following an operation advised by Savills. Breaking new grounds in the area of Torremolinos (Málaga), Oceanika also represents Habyt’s official entry into Málaga’s housing market.

Blending all three Habyt Products, Co-living, Homes and Hotel, Oceanika is much more than your average living space – it’s an innovative project spanning over 15,500 sqm, set to disrupt the housing landscape with 210 cutting-edge units in 1- and 2-bedroom apartments. According to market data from Savills, the apartments operated by Habyt will account for 36% of the new co-living offer expected in the city in the coming years.

Bringing new air into Torremolinos, Oceanika also features several key amenities for a lifestyle that seamlessly combines leisure, social interaction, professional pursuits, and fitness. Adding to the impressive 210 units, the development also stands out for its two swimming pools, lush palm gardens, a state-of-the-art gym, multiple living areas, a game room, co-working spaces, calisthenics facilities, and much more.

In line with the new global housing trends led by Habyt, bringing together flexibility and adaptability to create an innovative living experience, Oceanika marks an important milestone in the rental offerings in Málaga. This new complex also stands as a testament to Habyt’s impressive expansion over the last few years – following previous openings in Madrid and Barcelona, Málaga is now the third Spanish city to offer Habyt’s flexible housing solutions.

Javier Fernández-Couto, General Manager Iberia at Habyt, shares: “We are thrilled to be working with Nuovit and Savills on the impressive complex that is Oceanika. This hybrid asset marks a brand-new market entry for Habyt, bringing our flexible housing solutions to Málaga and enabling anyone to live in a modern and comfortable space with convenient access to amazing amenities. As we continue to expand our presence worldwide, Oceanika also stands as a testament of our innovative approach to real estate and hospitality, blending short and long-term living in unique spaces. The flexibility of this asset in terms of product and length of stays will help us to capture different demands from different target groups. This will be key to deliver high profitability to our stakeholders and to reduce the impact on revenues of the potential seasonality across all the year round.”

Nuovit Corporate, adds: “Oceanika represents a significant advancement in the real estate landscape of Málaga, reinforcing our commitment to innovation and the creation of exceptional living spaces. The growing demand for flexible accommodation solutions in the city, driven by changes in lifestyle and work, has been the driving force behind this unique project. At Nuovit Corporate, we support a coliving model that not only addresses the growing demand for flexible accommodation solutions but also embraces sustainability as a fundamental pillar of our commitment to the environment. This initiative reflects our conviction that efficiency and sustainability are intrinsic elements for building the habitable future that the city of Malaga deserves.”

José Félix Pérez-Peña, Director of Savills Andalucía, explains: “This operation reflects the interest in developing new models and accommodation solutions in Málaga due to the lack of rental offerings and the increasing demand in the short, medium, and long term. The attractiveness of Málaga, new lifestyle and work trends, and the growth in educational and employment opportunities in the city, require new attractive and affordable options in new locations such as this one.”

With construction set to begin in Q1 2024, Oceanika is gearing up for a grand entrance into Málaga by the close of 2025. The countdown to a new era of contemporary flexible living has begun!

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